Truly Canadian!

Rock Siding Co. is the manufacturer of EZ ROCK ™ products. Our corporate office and manufacturing plant is located near Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

This siding system seems new to Canada, however, it has been used in Europe for over 30 years. It originated in Sweden, and has proven to withstand the harshest elements, from severe cold to extreme heat...all the while maintaining its beauty.

EZ ROCK ™ has a unique patented system that allows for fast, easy installation, not requiring mortar or fasteners to place the bricks. The bricks are simply hooked in place, supported by mounting rails that evenly distribute the weight across the wall surface.

There's no foundation required! The mounting rails not only support the bricks, but they also provide an air space between the bricks and wall, allowing for superb ventilation. Our siding is based on the Rain Screen Principle, in which it works as a veneer with the air space behind it.

The possibilities for this product are endless; from re-siding older homes to cladding new ones. It is excellent for new construction with insulated concrete form wall systems. Also, it provides protective, yet decorative backing for woodstoves. Let your imagination run wild by mixing and matching colours to create interesting and dynamic patterns.

Take a look at the great variety of applications of EZ ROCK ™ to truly see what it can do! Feel free to contact us for further information

The system that's easy to get hooked on!