EZ ROCK ™ makes it easy to be creative and innovative!

EZ ROCK ™ is so versatile that you will find endless applications for it. It's great for new building construction, renovation projects, re-facing old structures, retaining walls, decorative heat shield for wood stoves, and countless other uses. It is especially good for new construction with insulated concrete form wall systems.

EZ ROCK ™ with its versatility, provides architects, builders, and homeowners with unlimited applications for residential and commercial projects. It has been used on 4 storey student dormitories, apartment buildings, factories, office buildings, store fronts, backyard sheds, and homes of all size, design, and age.

EZ ROCK ™ is easy enough for a home renovator to install. It's the system that's easy to get hooked on!

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Fire proofing behind sauna heater

Use of EZ ROCK ™ as a heat shield with a wood stove

Use of EZ ROCK ™ as a heat shield with a wood stove


Gate Post

Retaining Wall


Refacing Old Shed